Our Mission Statement
Our mission as an organization is to go beyond the surface of fashion and use our platform to amplify the voices of the disenfranchised in our communities and reverse the harm caused by systemic injustices. We are committed to shedding light and resources towards eradicating Racism, Sexism, Inequality, Homophobia and Mental Illness.

Through our clothing brand, we aim to inspire the younger generation and empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness, celebrate diversity, and challenge the status quo. By creating thought-provoking designs and meaningful collaborations, we strive to raise awareness, foster empathy 
and inspire action.

We believe that fashion has the power to transcend mere aesthetics. It has the ability to spark conversations, bridge divides, and create a more inclusive and compassionate world. Together as a collective, we can break the chains of the past, rewrite the narratives of the present, and pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future.

Our Values

Why You Should Get Involved
  Changing the world is a collaborative effort.
Your support and contributions will go towards various organizations that focus on Racism, Sexism, Inequality, Homophobia and Mental Health.